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Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed because of organizational issues? Let White Knight Organizing come to your rescue!
White Knight Organizing services are grouped into three main categories under which our White Knights bring order to small and large spaces within these categories.
White Knight Organizing assists individuals and businesses in regaining control of chaos—physical and digital—while building a system to maintain organization for long-term order. These systems may include shelving, bins, and other physical storage products, but may also include training and knowledge of how to sort and put away new material within the system.

Our Methodology

A White Knight Organizer will first assess your needs during an in-person (or Zoom) consultation. Then a proposal will be created covering the project stages, estimated cost, and links to products recommended for the project. Once you select your desired products and approve the cost, the first day of organization will be scheduled. Your White Knight Organizer will arrive—sometimes with assistance in tow depending on the scale of the project—and will get to work.

The first step is to sort everything—what is staying, what can be donated, and what should be disposed of. Next is the composure of your new organizational system, including the installation of the products you selected to keep your space organized. Then, the items you choose to keep are given a new permanent location within this system. Before your White Knight Organizer leaves, they will teach you a few tips and tricks to maintain your new organized space.

A final invoice is calculated based on time, the number of organizers required, and the actual products used and then emailed to you.

Let A White Knight Come To The Rescue!

The White Knights do more than the average organizer—they truly go above and beyond! White Knight Organizing is available seven days a week for a free consultation. Call (813) 344-3760 or click the button below to request a consultation!
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