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Moving Services

moving services
A White Knight's organizational skills expand beyond existing chaos. To help those who are moving from carrying chaos with them, a White Knight will help you pack (and eliminate non-essentials from coming with you), as well as unpack in your new home with a coordinated system for your belongings.
Ashley, one of our founders and lead organizers, moved a lot growing up—helping her to become the pro at packing and unpacking she is today. She also holds a BA in Organizational Management, not just a certificate (very rare in the industry), so you will be in good hands preparing for a move and settling in at your new home.

Pre-Move Sorting & Packing

Prior to moving, White Knight Organizing can help you sort out what belongings are going with you and what should be donated or trashed to prevent any prior chaotic organization issues from moving with you. Once you have your belongings sorted, a White Knight will handle the professional packing, so your things remain secure during your move.
Securely construct boxes with moving tape.
Utilize bubble wrapping, foam inserts, or recyclable paper to wrap and insulate fragile items.
Appropriately load boxes so they are not too heavy to move.
Label boxes with room location and contents for easier unpacking.
Label boxes with appropriate warnings (heavy, fragile, “this side up”).
home and office organization
When packing is complete, your White Knight will place the boxes in a pre-designated location for your movers to easily access and remove from the home.

After-Move Unpacking & Organizing

at home organization
Even if White Knight Organizing did not help you pack, a White Knight can still come to the rescue when you need to unpack your moving boxes. One of the difficult parts of moving is identifying a new place for everything you own. This is also a wonderful opportunity to start your life in your new home with an organized layout and storage systems to prevent chaos from erupting in your new place.

Your White Knight can help you strategically put away your books, linens, kitchen items, tools—or anything else—so you can identify items you need with ease and return items to where they belong in a method that makes sense and is easy to remember. Creating a functional system in your home can help to reduce clutter, which keeps your home looking neat. Plus, you won’t wonder where something is located because it should be in its designated place.
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