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Corporate Relocation Services

Top-Quality Corporate Relocation Moving Services

White Knight Organizing understands that corporate relocation can be a complex and challenging process, especially when it comes to transferring current employees to a new corporate location, and new employees moving for the job. That's why the White Knight team is here to help make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Partnering with Home Sweet Home, White Knight Organizing provides comprehensive corporate relocation services across the country that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, including transferring employees and new employees relocating for a position with a company. The White Knight team of experienced professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure that your employee’s move is efficient, organized, and hassle-free.
White Knight Organizing understands that relocating employees have specialized needs when it comes to corporate relocation. That's why White Knight Organizing offers a range of services that are specifically designed to meet those needs, including:

Relocation Assistance

A White Knight will work with you to create a customized relocation plan that meets the unique needs of each transferring or new employee, including helping them find suitable housing, schools, and other essential services.

Personalized Support

A White Knight team will provide personalized support to each transferring or new employee, helping them with everything from packing and moving to setting up their new space.

Comprehensive Moving Services

White Knight Organizing offers a range of comprehensive moving services, including packing and unpacking (utilizing our Discard and Donate Program), transportation, and storage solutions, to ensure that each transferring or new employee's belongings are safely and efficiently transported to their new location.
White Knight Organizing understands that transferring employees and new employees are essential to the success of your business. That's why the White Knight team works efficiently and quickly to minimize downtime and ensure that your employees are settled and ready to work as soon as possible.

Corporate Relocating Quick Start Packages

The White Knight team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We prides ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that every aspect of each transfer or new employee's move is taken care of.

Basic Unpack

The Basic Unpack Package is perfect for those who need help unpacking and organizing their priority belongings—like boxes designated for the kitchen, bathroom, and/or bedroom. A White Knight will work with your employees to unpack up to 30% of their boxes and put their belongings in the proper place. They'll also help them stay organized by providing tips and tricks for keeping their new space clutter-free.

Premium Unpack

The Premium Unpack Package is designed for those who want to give a more comprehensive unpacking experience for their transferring employees. A White Knight team will work with your transferee to unpack and organize their entire home, from bedrooms and bathrooms to the kitchen and living space. They'll also provide helpful tips for keeping the home organized and clutter-free.

Custom Unpack

Companies may build their own Custom Unpack Package for their transferring employees to create an unpacking service with predictable pricing—and always with the expected service provided by White Knight Organizing. Build your package based on the percentage of boxes to be unpacked and put away, the number of rooms unpacked and organized, or the number of organizers and/or days of service.
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The Discard And Donate Program

The Discard and Donate program is designed to help transferring employees streamline their belongings and reduce the number of items they need to transport to their new location. White Knight Organizing will work with each employee to identify items that they no longer need or want, and then facilitate the donation or disposal of those items.
By participating in the Discard and Donate program, transferring employees (and their employer) can enjoy a range of benefits, including:
Reduced Moving Costs: By reducing the number of items that need to be transported, moving costs can be drastically reduced—saving the company exponentially in relocation costs.
Faster And More Efficient Move: With fewer items to pack and transport, the moving process can be faster and more efficient, allowing transferring employees to settle into their new location more quickly.
Positive Environmental Impact: By donating or disposing of unwanted items, transferring employees can reduce their environmental impact and support local charities and their employer can know they helped to contribute through this service.
White Knight Organizing understands that transferring employees have a lot on their plate, which is why we offer the Discard and Donate program as a specialized service to help streamline the moving process. A White Knight will work closely with each employee to ensure that the program is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Corporate Relocation Moving Services

If you're looking for top-quality corporate relocation moving services for transferring employees and new employees moving for the job, look no further than White Knight Organizing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your corporate relocation a success.
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