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Organization Tip For Each Day Of The Week

Organization Tip For Each Day Of The Week
Getting organized and staying organized are two very different things, and both can be difficult to do. White Knight Organizing can help with both! Establishing a system to get organized and remove clutter from your home, office, or other space is an important first step. Once established, our White Knights will teach you how to maintain your system for long-term organizational bliss. You can also follow these quickly-timed tips to concentrate on certain areas within your space to help maintain your new organized life—or add to it by considering things you may not have before.

Split-Second Clear Off

This is one of the easiest ways to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle. As you walk out of a room, glance around where you are currently and grab one item that should not be there and put it away. To avoid going off task too much or all the way across the home, pick an item that should be in the room or area you were heading towards already.
Focus Tip: Those who struggle with ADHD may be knocked off task by this. Instead of distracting yourself by adding a stop on your route through your home, add a decorative bin or basket to each room. When you spot an item that does not belong in a particular room, drop it in the bin and continue with your current task list. Assign a day to put away items that have accumulated in the bins of each room.

Two-Minute Round-Up

1. Pick any room
2. Set a two-minute timer
3. See what you can put away in two minutes!
Easy enough, right? This is a great game to play with your kids, too! It can helpl when you don't want to clean a room, but it is beginning to be a bit over-cluttered. It can put you in the right frame of mind for decluttering (you can do anything for two minutes!) and sets you up for success the next day.
Focus Tip: If a timer feels like too much pressure, play a song that is only 2-3 minutes in length and put away as much as you can until the song is over. Then reflect on how much you accomplished in such a short time!

Bag It & Tag It

On Friday (or a convenient day for you), set aside about 5 minutes to clean out bags/purses/lunchboxes/backpacks so that come next week, they’re clean and ready for a fresh start. Making this a Friday or other weekday task, you aren’t eating up your weekend time!

It doesn’t need to be a deep clean, but try to pull out things that don’t need to stay in the bag—receipts, trash, graded classwork, or artwork, etc. Place cards, checks, Chapstick, or other items in their designated space (if you are like me and just toss them in after using them). Double-check for any food or drink that may be in a pocket it shouldn’t be to avoid mold or smells.

If you’re REALLY ambitious, you can do the same thing with the cars, closets, or your garage!

New Week Prep

Set yourself up with Success on Sundays! One of the things that help us on a Monday morning (since neither of us like early mornings) is to get everything ready the night before to better prepare for our coming workday—and week. Some of these tips may have to be done nightly.

Pick out the clothes that you will wear for the upcoming week. Make sure they are washed, dried, ironed, and hung up neatly, ready to go. This eliminates any decision-making when you're only half awake.

Also, set out the things you need the night before, next to your keys and wallet/purse. If you are feeling extra adventurous in handling weekly organization, prep your lunch for the week (at a minimum, plan what you will have each day and ensure you have the ingredients). Prep the next day’s lunch and set it in the fridge for the morning!

Have kids? Do the same for the kiddos and set them up for success in their own future by having them help and learn some organization and weekday prep tips for themselves. Set backpacks, jackets or umbrellas (weather depending), and shoes by the door. Set out clothes for the next morning and prep lunch too if they bring it from home.

Simple things like planning and getting organized the night before or the weekend before the next week can help tremendously by saving some time and eliminating frustrations.

White Knight Organization To The Rescue!

Want more organizational tips? Follow White Knight Organizing on social media! Our Knights are always talking about ways to control chaos, how they have helped others, and methods that have proven useful during organizational projects.

Remember, an organized office or room ALWAYS helps with productivity! An easy mantra to go by when trying to keep things organized: Don't put it down, put it away! Although all people struggle with this (some more than others ), it does help in the long run!

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